NASCO Operations

NASCO® provides its customers with full services of manufacturing, warehousing, delivery planning, marketing and distribution of the products. The company has concentrated on exporting products from the USA to other countries, and we also distribute products within the USA. Although, NASCO® is providing trade consultation services to US companies who have recently started to export internationally, NASCO® is also promoting its own brand to appointed distributors worldwide.

NASCO® is aware that fulfilling its mission of creating innovative and safe products to supply its worldwide customers requires an efficient and sophisticated operations process.

In line with that understanding, every single step of the NASCO® operational supply chain from manufacturing to packaging, marketing, distribution, logistics, and customer services, etc.
-is in accordance with the latest technology and is ran by the most advanced software and hardware so that we can insure the effectiveness of each step. As a result, our operations are fully compliant with the most stringent standards in the industry such as the United States Pharmacopeia's GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice). The Quality Control & Assurance of NASCO® are constantly active to guarantee the validity of manufacturing, laboratory tests, packaging, marketing, distribution, R&D and customer service operations. In parallel, NASCO® staffs in each of our department are trained regularly to improve their competencies and skills and keep the flow of the know-how and scientific knowledge up-to-date within the company.